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1.11 Scarecrow: Life is Busy, So This Blog is Empty

I realized, as I sit here eating oatmeal cookies (yum!), that my lack of posting can be seen as being “not committed,” or even a phoney. Maybe I don’t really know what I’m talking about, so I’ve stopped posting. Maybe I don’t have any new insight to the world of social media and how to grow your audience. Do I not keep up with the numerous updates – like being able to post up to 10 pictures at a time on Instagram?

The reality of it is – life is busy.

So far in 2017 I’ve:

  • Signed two new clients (yay!)
  • Had a new intern start (Hi Scarlett!)
  • Took a mini break in Hilton Head (Happy Valentine’s Day 😘)
  • Savannah Stopover @ Club One
  • St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza @ Club One

In case you think those last two are me just having a good time, Club One is a client of mine, and I provided live coverage over three days for each event. And yes, I had an amazing time. It was all fun and games, with some late, late nights and tons of content for me to review and post at later dates (in addition to the live posts).

The thing I love – and hate – about social media, is that it never stops. I mean, never. I get messages in the middle of the night that I answer first thing in the morning. Each business that I manage has different needs, and requires content and time. Lots of time. The handoff to all that time is my own – my own projects tend to go on the back burner, including this blog and the novel I’ve been working on for the better part of a decade (not even exaggerating).

With March quickly coming to an end, and a new intern starting at the end of the month, perhaps in the second quarter I’ll be able to spend some more time working on my own projects. Until then;

Meg: Here’s to us. The food might be bad, and the beds might be hard. But at least we’re living our own lives. And nobody else’s.

1.06 Skin: Why You Need to Audit Your Social Media Accounts

I once received a letter in the mail from the City of Savannah to inform me of three unpaid citations on my vehicle. One was a parking ticket, another was a red light camera fine, but the third was a moving violation. Of course the letter said I needed to pay the fine or I’d be subpoenaed, and just for good measure they reminded me  that unpaid parking citations are punishable by up to 30 days incarceration.

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1.05 Bloody Mary: Understand the Hashtag Trend Before You Tweet

Bloody Mary folklore permeates pop culture. As a kid, I remember being at a sleepover and being dared to go into the bathroom and to say Bloody Mary three times and wait. We were timed – whoever ran the fastest was sure to be taunted for the rest of the school year. You know it’s stupid; you know you don’t want to. Part of you is even afraid that something could happen, but you would never admit that out loud. So peer pressure kicks in and suddenly you find yourself in the dark in the bathroom, facing your own reflection in the mirror…

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