1.06 Skin: Why You Need to Audit Your Social Media Accounts

I once received a letter in the mail from the City of Savannah to inform me of three unpaid citations on my vehicle. One was a parking ticket, another was a red light camera fine, but the third was a moving violation. Of course the letter said I needed to pay the fine or I’d be subpoenaed, and just for good measure they reminded me  that unpaid parking citations are punishable by up to 30 days incarceration.

Naturally, I was concerned. There was just one huge problem: I was not the person they were looking for. Somehow, my address had been applied to a girl who shares my first and last name, though our middle names are different. I called the officer in charge of my case and explained this to him, including that I had never owned the car in question. He took my word for it, saying he would start from scratch looking for her last known address. Thankfully the situation didn’t require anything more than that, but my identity has been stolen once before. Now I keep tabs on my credit accounts with an online monitoring program, which alerts me to any changes.

Monitoring our identities is an unfortunate trade off for the amount of technology we have, and our access to information. As in all things, there are people who use this access to the detriment of others, and this applies to businesses as well. This is why social media audits for your business are so important, and it’s why I perform Preliminary Audits for potential customers.

Locate Your Social Media Profiles

  • Did you try a social media platform on a whim when it was brand new or trending?
  • Look for fake accounts. Do a search for your business – you may be surprised by what you find. There are over 100 results when you search for Dropbox on Facebook – what else comes up for your business?
  • Make a note of all of your accounts, including:
    • The social media platform
    • The URL
    • Profile name/description
    • Number of followers/fans
    • Date of last activity

Keep or Delete?

  • Ask yourself the following questions while deciding which platforms to keep:
    • What were your goals in joining this platform?
    • Have you been able to achieve your goals for joining this platform?
    • Is your target market using this platform?
    • Does this platform make sense for your business?
  • Delete any accounts that you no longer wish to maintain. If you’ve found accounts that are impersonating your business and are using your logo, etc., you may be able to contact the sight to report trade mark infringement.
  • Direct customers to your active social media profiles through your website.

Fill Out Your Profiles 

  • Fill out your profiles completely, making sure that the avatars, cover photos, bio and information are up-to-date, complete, and branded.
  • Remember each social platform has it’s own custom settings, so you should tailor your profile and header photos to the correct image sizes in order for them to look their best.

If you’re still with me this far, guess what? You are halfway to creating a Social Media Marketing Plan for your business. Isn’t that exciting? Part of evaluating your marketing plan to see if it is working, and to therefore determine ROI, is performing a social media audit on your business. You can do these quarterly, every 6 months, or yearly, but the more frequently you perform an audit, the better idea you’ll have of what’s working, and what isn’t.






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