1.01 Pilot: I’m Gen, and I’m a Social Media Addict.

social1It seems a little odd to start out with, “Hi, I’m Gen and I’m a Social Media Manager.” I feel a bit like I’m at a rehab clinic (not that I have any experience with those) openly stating my addiction to social media. It wasn’t something that happened overnight; it was a slow process, evolving overtime, starting all the way back in the days of MySpace – or really – AOL chatrooms (say what!?). I guess I also just claimed my age with that one, but never mind. Pressing forward.

I am the Social Media Manager for Creative Approach, a graphic design and printing shop in Savannah, Ga. Under the Creative Umbrella, as I like to call it, I manage the social media platforms for a few local businesses – and why, yes, we are accepting new clients.*wink wink*

What this really means, is that I manage:

  • 5 Facebook accounts
  • 5 Twitter accounts
  • 5 Yelp accounts
  • 5 Instagram accounts
  • 1 LinkedIn Business Page
  • 1 Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and TripAdvisor

Even with all that, we’re looking to add more. Which brings me to my current quest for a social media management platform that meets certain criteria and can handle a large number of accounts at a reasonable price.

 Come on. We got work to do.


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